Forgotten Identity

Life is an aspect in our reality that either takes control over you, as an individual, or you take control over it. Everywhere one may be led by life, there will always be influential people or factors which threaten our fragile comfort space. These influences however are not determined by the power or strength ofContinue reading “Forgotten Identity”


There are over seven billion people living on earth, all from different continents, countries, races and cities. It is a norm to every single person that we all need each other living our everyday lives. It is also a non-discussed fact that most of us live based on social influence or society’s required standards. SomeContinue reading “Masquerade”


Ashley Khambule One of the most common aspect in every human life is the ability to feel, either for themselves or the next person. Romance is declared as one of life’s pleasures. Having the ability to be intimate with another person is a fairly honest way of claiming that romance exists.We are all exposed toContinue reading “LOVE OR LUST?”

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