There are over seven billion people living on earth, all from different continents, countries, races and cities. It is a norm to every single person that we all need each other living our everyday lives. It is also a non-discussed fact that most of us live based on social influence or society’s required standards. Some people are so caught up in this cycle of living that they lose themselves in an attempt to please society or external forces.

As we live in a world of duality, there are also various personality traits split into all different kinds. There are individually conscious people and results of duality’s realistic terms, there aren’t – individually unconscious people in a simpler term. With the world’s different living conditions comes a social obligation to be socially accepted by society as a whole. Others may call it ‘the act of living for other people’ or ‘social requirements’, whatever the correct explanatory term for it, the fact is that it’s something that exists every single day on earth. A Masquerade of various face Masks and Musketeers.

Self-insecurities begin when individuals are made to believe that they owe the world something. Life may often be so staged that we are classified in different classes and sometimes the level in which we are classified never seems to be enough with the existence of various other classes. More and more individuals are forced by themselves to make the change in the way they are living with the curious thought of how the ‘better half’ live and what could be done by them to reach that particular level of classification. This often has a similar result as most changes do not brings forth the expected happiness. A false reality in the expense of a social status, individual fondness is traded.

Some masks are worn without the musketeer’s whole-hearted desire. With society’s long list of requirements, in most cases, people are pushed into a corner and are more influenced to alter certain personal traits in order to meet the social acceptance Bus halfway. This often happens without the victims feeling considered. The world has been staged to be lived in a specific way and everyone living on earth is either obedient to the inevitable system or be pushed away. Like an outsider. The very people covering a minimum of a quarter of the population are affected by the lack of control when role playing is rehearsed, in another verb explanation is The act of living – as even each breathe means you are alive – takes place. They are not forcefully implemented though, it is measured by how self-conscious oneself is.

There are over a billion people living on earth at this day in age. It is frequently expected that there are different type of masks. About half of the time, some musketeers are most certainly self-conscious. As our surrounding energies play a part in being influential on most external issues faced, the musketeer is fully aware of who he is behind the mask when it is all said and done. The act being of self-conscious. It is mostly the outer-influential space which is most vulnerable to sacrifice or compromise internal self’s principles. With intentions to hide the true self from the outer-social space perhaps, it is fairly obvious to understand that one can be internally happy yet that bubble of happiness can be easily challenged by society. In situations whereby external forces are the bubble busters of one’s calm circle, prominently pushing one to pretence or fakeness. It is, however possible for the individual self to create an interval and deviate from society’s guilt trick, not necessarily allowing society to have influential impact.
It is pretty obvious that the third exemplary point is twice as convincing to the reader. In this point, there is yet another, of the frequent reasons behind the circle of the Masquerade. People are insecure about the whole world’s perception on who never looks beautiful enough, strong enough or acceptable for society. With both internal and external influences of the occurrence, the accountable is the self. Being the raw cause of the most inevitable existence. Those kinds who wear the mask with shame and self-doubt. The true process of hiding the core from the world to put an artificial smile to persuade the public audience.

The cycle of clay textured face masks that cover the human energy filled population is not a fairytale nor a myth. With various reasons behind the mask induction and the different pleasures hovering society, it is clear that it is a norm with footprints on reality. It is not in one’s own right to judge another soul’s actions while still living on earth myself. The world is filled with puppets, just observe reality and you shall see the illusionists.


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