This is Ashley Khambule.

‘What is painted in the mind, moulds reality’, I always say. After all, our imagination is our only limit.

Hey There! My name is Ashley Khambule, and as you may have already presumed, I’m a writer. It may have also been clear to a lot of experienced writers that I’m not one of the greatest wordsmiths out there but with the right passion and pesistence, I believe that anything is possible.

I started writing with poetry, which is my strong point, but I’m not really familiar with the blogging scene or anything that has to do with writing public pieces on my own personal thoughts, although I’m determined to learn. I have been writing for quite some time now, mostly poems, but I’m looking to expand my web of work into a much broader space.

My main mission for this blog is to release content that is not only based on my personal storyline, but content that is common amongst young people who go through similar experiences. I aim to keep my originality, while attempting to explore different styles of writing – which is a way to express the emotion that goes through each different piece since each one is unique.

I’m looking forward to receiving any comments, critics or any general views you may have while reading through some of this blog’s content. It always helps to have a second or third person’s opinion just to make sure that it’s not only my mind conversing, and of course there’s always room for improvement because you can never really be good enough.

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